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Inspiration and Support:
The Dual Power in Guiding Our Students to Thrive

On the surface, consulting can seem simple: sharing knowledge with others both sounds and can be basic. However, the brain is possibly the most complex object that exists. Spending time connecting with each student of mine and finding out what makes his or her mind tick is when I can create substantial relationships and appreciate differing perspectives. I know the value of everyone's effort. I then take this insight and apply it to the scholastic setting, where l enjoy collaborating and recognizing the worth of everyone's opinion. I lead best through inspirational words and professional educational consulting services, commanding attention from a vast group of people, and I've found my value in helping others thrive by providing quiet support.

Bryan Xue

Why MGXH Edu?

Our objective is to provide students and families with the essential resources to seamlessly and triumphantly navigate the intricate realm of boarding school admissions and college applications.

Schools/Programs/Extra curriculum Matching your Children

Tailored schools, programs and extracurriculars: Being perfectly suited to your child's unique potential and interests.

Delivering Solutions of Excellence

Unleash your academic potential with our dynamic approach: A combination between strategic prowess and creative savvy to take your high school and college applications to the next level.

Personalized to You

2x more likely to be admitted:Prepory transforms your college journey with personalized guidance tailored to make you a standout applicant through actionable, individualized high school goals.

What do we do?


A conversation about your strengths and needs and a sense of what you have inside your unique essence. 


An ungenerous plan crafted with passion, professionalism, and precision that focuses on each student's potential. 


Unleash your child's potential in sports, arts, tenology, and community service with our passion-based projects into a portfolio of success.


It's not just the name, but the place where you'll reap your glory. Every student is a star, we know who you're and look for the place where your dreams aren't far away. 


In the game of admissions, we lead the game by creating pathways from the essay to the interview process professionally. With a strategy in our heads, success is inevitable.

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Boarding School Application
College Application

 Case 1 student: High Academic Achievers

  • A or A+ in their class

  • Top SSAT/PSAT/SAT/ACT score

  • Competition runner

  • Sport/Art/Service enthusiasm

 Case 2 student: Score unhighlighted true ability

  • Mostly A with B's

  • Good score but not top

  • Generally work hard with a motivation to get into a good college

Case 3 student: Yet still finding direction of the aspirations

  • Score with room to boost

  • No start your admission prep plan

  • Music? Sports? or something else?

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